The Taproots Project: GROUND-Funding

# Project Qty of Seeds Available Direct from Project Owner. Per Seed Action
You will not be able to purchase seeds unless you have a funded account and the project is enabled. Register | Login | Buy Seed Money

Ready to ground-fund the newest platform for supporting good causes? Check out our video:

What do seed owners get?

  • Seeds can be redeemed for creator plans! Taproots will treat each seed as a $10 credit towards one of the plans described here. This supports Taproots and you have the option to list your own project on the platform, too!
  • News and updates about Taproots before anyone else hears about them.
  • Early access to other Taproots-backed projects.
  • Early access to projects by other creators listed on the platform.
  • The platinum possibility: if and when Taproots goes public, every effort will be made to give seed owners priority access to shares in the company! Possibly, even, redemption of seeds as shares!


At the end of each year, Taproots will set aside up to 10% of the profit made to distribute to seed owners in a weighted fashion. (The more seeds owned, the larger proportion of the profit.)

To have the privilege of sharing in the profits, you must own at least 250 seeds on the date when the calculations are made.

IMPORTANT: Just as a company that pays dividends must take into account various factors such as the economic situation, the company’s fiscal health, and so on, before determining a dividend amount and distributing it, Taproots reserves the same right. REMEMBER: seeds are NOT shares. You are NOT buying actual ownership in the platform. If you are interested in doing that, contact us at

Check back! Even more options to be unveiled in time!

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