Frequently Asked Questions

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The presence of a project hosted on this site does not indicate support or endorsement of that project. Content on a project page reflects the creator’s views and not necessarily Taproots.

Can a donor and a creator use the same account?

A single individual can be both a donor/trader and a creator on the site, but they need to have two different accounts, with two different email addresses.  A creator can issue seeds for their own project from their creator account, but cannot buy and sell on the marketplace. Only a donor account is able to do that. [Apply to be a project creator, here. Register for a donor/trader account, here.]

How will Taproots make money?

There are 4 ways.  1., Whatever is leftover after paying finance charges;  2., Whatever is leftover after paying for vetting and background checks; 3. selling seed allotments on the open Taproots market; 4; offering value added services to Project Owners to enhance their campaign.  Of these, #3 is expected to be the primary method of earning money once Taproots is a going concern.

Will the purchase of ‘seeds’ convey ownership in a project?

Not in itself.  Theoretically, if a Project Owner wanted to offer ownership somehow… such as allowing seeds to be exchanged for shares if the Project ‘goes public,’ … this would be the discretion of the Project Owner, and would be something the Project Owner implements separate and apart from the Taproots Platform.

Does Taproots accept Crypto?

The idea is on the table. At present, its USD only. For more information, click here.

For Project Owners

How many ‘seeds’ can I make available?

There likely won’t be a limit.  However, scarcity increases value, so bear that in mind.

If Taproots gets an allotment of seeds for my project, what is to keep them from underselling me?

Taproots wants Project Owners to succeed, so undercutting them would be counter-productive.  Additionally, Taproots is hoping that the value of the seeds of a project are going to go up, and would obviously prefer to sell some or all of its allotment at the higher prices.  This almost goes without saying!  Taproots will not sell its allotment at a price lower than the price set by the Project Owner until after the honeymoon period (likely to be four weeks after the Project Owner makes the campaign available to the public) but reserves the right to sell it at a higher price than the Creator has set, at any time.

Why do Project Owners have to allocate seeds to Taproots?

Have to?  Understand, this is a good thing.  In fact, you might want to allocate more seeds to Taproots than your Vetting Plan requires.  Why would anyone do that?  Because selling its allocation on the Taproots market, at higher prices, is the primary means that Taproots makes a profit.  This being the case, this gives Taproots a vested interest in promoting its platform and the projects on it–especially the projects that are the most profitable to Taproots!  You want Taproots to have this incentive.  Trust us on this.

Can Creators purchase their own seeds on the market using a donor account?

Yea. Not sure why you would, but yea.

Can I sell my seeds directly, bypassing the market?

Yes. Direct people to your project’s home page on this site. Your seeds will be listed for sale there at whatever your issuing price is, regardless of the current price on the market. This is a great option for the donor who wants to make sure their purchase of seeds goes directly to the creator. Note: your seeds would still be available on the market, at whatever price the market has set.

Do I have access to donor contact information?

If you have purchased the appropriate plan, you can receive the email address of everyone who currently owns your seeds. We encourage you to set up ways for people to contact you, such as social media, and so on.

For Donors

Is there ‘short selling’ of the seeds I have purchased?


How do I receive my rewards/perks/etc?

It will be up to the Project Owners themselves to deliver them.  Taproots will facilitate this in some cases, but generally stay out of it.  Please realize that if you do not offer a reliable way for the Project Owners to reach you, they cannot possibly deliver any rewards/perks/etc.  Thus, if you purchase the seeds in a project, it would behoove you to visit their project page and join/subscribe/like whatever means of communication the Project has established.

How is my information used?

Taproots does not re-sell information to third parties.  Emails of the users may be provided to the Project Owners so that they can contact seed owners.  If you purchase the seeds in a project, be aware that this automatically means the Project might have access to your email address, if it has purchased the necessary Taproots plan.  Taproots uses the user information to improve the site and inform users of important updates.  Otherwise, Taproots will send marketing emails only to those who ‘opt-in.’

What is the advantage of purchasing seeds directly from a creator’s project page versus from the market?

Each project is provided its own page on the Taproots site. On this page, there is provided an option to purchase seeds directly from the creator, bypassing the market altogether. The reason for this is simple: if it is your desire to be absolutely sure that you are directly supporting the creator, then purchasing from their project page is the way to go. If you purchase the seeds via the market, it is conceivable that you are purchasing seeds from another user who has previously purchased the seeds from the creator.  The seeds themselves are the same, but the beneficiary of the transaction may be different.