[LIVE] How Taproots Uses Deposited Funds

NOTE: The information below is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This site is currently raising the SEED MONEY needed to go live. The information below is provided so that potential investor/donors to Taproots or future Creators or Users can understand the business model.

When donors deposit money, Taproots expects donors will be buying seeds for a project with that money.  Thus, the cash is ultimately transferred to creators and project owners, who withdraw it in order to launch or expand their project.  Donors retain their seeds.  Ideally, creators and project owners will continue to provide value to the donors, by rewarding donors with tangible benefits.

Precisely what those benefits are depends on the Project Owner and the nature of the project.  A few examples might be:  a complimentary subscription to their service, a free copy of their book, inclusion in a membership club, free downloads, etc., etc.

While the money is held by Taproots, Taproots will endeavor to keep it as liquid as possible in order to satisfy the likely withdrawal of the funds almost as soon as it is deposited  At the same time, however, Taproots will manage the funds in the manner it thinks is best.  The guiding principle here is to manage those funds conservatively.