Why Taproots?

Taproots facilitates introductions between companies/creators/producers and donors/traders and supporters by offering access to a platform which incentivizes consumer involvement in the creators’ projects.

What’s in it for donor/traders?

  • Ground floor participation with start ups
  • A way to increase the value of one’s donation and thus
  • a reason to support and promote the projects one donates to…


What’s in it for Project Owners and Creators?

  • money to complete and promote their project
  • a pool of individuals with a vested interest in seeing the creator succeed
  • a way to ‘seed’ word about their project, increasing the chances it goes ‘viral.’


Taproots connects these two groups of people together to create ‘win-win’ relationships.

When someone donates to a project, the creator of the project will give them ‘seeds’ in return.  Creators are encouraged to give seed-holders ‘perks,’ such as free or discounted access to the final product, or even, if the creator so chooses, a share in the proceeds.

Because donors have a vested interest in the success of the venture, they will want to help spread the word and promote the project.

Project Owners gain this benefit without giving up real ownership in their endeavor.  There is no expensive transition to becoming a publicly traded company (one common way companies raise cash) nor all of the regulatory headaches associated with such a move.  However, if the Project Owner leverages the Taproots platform to offer incentives to donors, s/he gains an army of enthusiastic promoters, helping to bring the project to fruition and give it success.

Donors, in turn, have the joy of supporting a good cause.  However, depending on the project, the donor might also enjoy the fruits of the project’s success.  Hopefully, Creators will steadily increase the value of the ‘seeds’ by continuing to provide ‘perks’ and other benefits to seed-holders.

The donation, in the form of ‘seeds,’ might actually increase in value, such that others might want to buy them at a higher price–securing the donor a profit!

This is called a ‘win-win’ situation.

Our built-in ‘market’ facilitates the buying, selling, and trading of the ‘seeds’ in real time!