Become a Donor / Trader

NOTE: The information below is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This site is currently raising the SEED MONEY needed to go live. The information below is provided so that potential investor/donors to Taproots or future Creators or Users can understand the business model.

Donors should understand that caveat emptor applies, and that in the final analysis, their contribution is a donation.   Acquisition of seeds, in itself, conveys NO ownership in the project.

Project owners are permitted to use their funds however they see fit to advance their project.   A Project Owner could, if s/he wanted, make NO commitments at all, and this would be permitted on the Taproots platform.  As long as Project Owners are honest and transparent and make a good faith effort to fulfill their commitments made (if they made any at all)… even if they FAIL to meet their commitments, Taproots will allow them on the platform and will not penalize them.


Because the ‘market price’ of the Project Owner’s seeds ultimately reflects the community’s assessment about the Project Owner and is considered by Taproots to be the primary means by which donors can judge the value of a Project as time goes on.

Nonetheless, Project Owners can submit themselves to a vetting processes of varying degrees.  A summary of the results from this process is made public by Taproots.   A simple ‘letter grade’ system is used.

While Taproots anticipates that many people interested in its platform will be people seeking to ‘trade’ seeds in various projects, without necessarily having any attachment or loyalty to them, the expectation is that most people will be here to support projects and creators in a bid to help propel them to greater success.  The possibility of being rewarded by projects and creators is bonus, and the additional possibility of having their donations increase in value to the point where they could make a profit from their donation is the icing on the cake.

If this describes you, then your first step is to deposit funds with Taproots for the purpose of buying and trading seeds.  At present, all operations are carried out in USD.

A 10% fee is applied by Taproots for all deposits AND withdrawals.  Subtract 5% if making the deposit, or receiving the withdrawal, is done by check or money order.

Thus, if a deposit of $1,000 is made by a donor, $900 will be available for purchasing and trading seeds.  If the donor immediately withdraws $900, there would be a 10% deduction ($90), receiving, ultimately, $810.

This fee covers finance charges by various financial processing firms and helps us ensure the integrity of our trading system.   One of the primary goals of Taproots is to progressively reduce this fee.  Unfortunately, credit card processing fees and similar hurdles are beyond even our control.  Unlike other businesses, we don’t hide these fees in a higher price for the product or services.  We pass along the savings of depositing or withdrawing funds via a check or an equivalent.