Donating with Crypto and Why Kinesis?

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The Taproots platform is pleased to announce that it has the ability to transact using Kinesis. Creators can pay for services using it and donors can buy ‘seed money‘ with it. Why Kinesis and not other cryptos?

The Kinesis logo

In fact, other cryptos might be added; in particular, XRP/Ripple. It has the advantage of fast processing and relatively quick conversion into fiat, which is essential for a fundraising platform such as Taproots.

But Kinesis isn’t your normal crypto. It is a gold and silver-backed digital token. That is to say, the Kinesis tokens, KAU and KAG, are backed, on a 1 to 1 basis, with actual physical gold and silver that is held in their vaults. These vaults are independently inspected and audited and the audit includes making sure there is only as much KAU/KAG as there are precious metals in their possession. And, you can take possession of the gold and silver, too! (Not particularly easily, but you can do it.)

Since the Kinesis tokens are backed by real gold and silver, their value enjoys the benefits of being matched by the real-world stability that gold and silver provide. They are also insulated to some degree from the wild fluctuations associated with other cryptocurrencies and fiat itself. Yet, it allows for conversion into fiat, in order to pass along to creators the funds that donors have donated.

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