Terms and Conditions

Your use of this site indicates agreement to these terms and conditions.

We will use the visitor traffic for the purposes of optimizing the user experience and will not be re-sold to a third party.

Participation in our system also indicates agreement to the terms and conditions related specifically to our platform.

Purchase of ‘seeds’ does not convey ownership in a project, and should be considered a donation, albeit potentially with benefits and perks.

Creators and users alike are to recognize that Taproots is in its launch phase and there may be bugs and wrinkles that surface. Known bugs are listed here. Feel free to email us at public@taproots.us to report others.


For Traders:

By purchasing credits you understand that once you have purchased ‘seeds’ with them, they are essentially gone, and cannot be refunded. Project owners and creators have the funds at that point, and the funds are no longer under control of Taproots.

Your purchase of seeds are donations. Any benefit you receive from project creators or from selling seeds that have increased in value is secondary. Your purchases represents an attempt to support, promote, develop, or launch a project, without reciprocation. Purchase of seeds in a project conveys no ownership rights to the one that donates.

Taproots endeavors to ensure that project creators are genuine and legitimate but does not guarantee that its efforts succeed in eliminating fraudulent campaigns. Donors are encouraged to follow up with creators as they see fit to satisfy their requirements.

It is up to project creators to determine what, if any, benefits that seed owners receive. Donors understand that if a project creator pledges a benefit and doesn’t deliver, this was a risk the donor was taking when making the donation–it is, after all, a donation. Taproots will seek to monitor these pledges and inform donors on the progress of creators in fulfilling their pledges, but makes no warranty about them.

Donors hold harmless both Taproots.us and its associated companies and creators and project owners.

Unspent credits will be held by Taproots in perpetuity. At such time as you would like to withdraw them, you will need to submit a withdrawal request, and you will receive your unspent balance by check. Be sure to use your real contact information, otherwise you will not receive your money.

We are in ‘stage 1’ of the Taproots launch. Withdrawal requests in ‘stage 1’ will only be honored for the creators and project owners, so users would be wise to buy only enough credits as they plan on donating to a campaign.

Any earnings beyond the IRS reporting threshold (currently, $600) will require further information from you so that you can receive your 1099. A $50 processing fee for issuing the 1099 will be deducted. Note, this is only for earnings. You have to actually sell your seeds for a profit in excess of $600 for this to be applicable.

We reserve to update these terms at any time and for any reason. We will inform you of any significant and substantive changes to these terms. You agree to receive email correspondence regarding important updates such as these.