Known Bugs

Any site starting from scratch and scaling up will discover ‘quirks.’ Taproots expects to be no different. We encourage users to report bugs to the admin at taprootsadmin @ (delete the spaces)

Consult the list of known bugs below before doing so.

Known bugs in Phase 1

  • The ability for users to upload profile pictures sometimes does not work [note, profile pics are not used anywhere at present, anyway]
  • When selling seeds as a trader, the message reads: “Points successfully released” instead of “Seeds successfully listed for sale.”
  • In the marketplace, as a trader, when it says “Qty of Seeds Available Offered for Sale” it is not clear that this is the number of seeds available at the lowest offered price, and that other seeds are available but at higher prices.
  • When cancelling a sell order as a trader, the message reads: “Are you sure you want to restore these points, these points will be added to “Available for sale” points”. It should say “seeds” and not “points.”
  • When a project is currently disabled from trading, their project page displays ‘purchase’ even though purchasing is not possible; either the button needs to say “inactive” instead of purchase, or when people hover over it it says “currently inactive.’
  • A ‘json’ dialog appears after a user has been inactive, requiring logging back in or refreshing the page.
  • On the Withdrawal Request page it says “offer amount.” It should say “Requested Amount.” Despite the mistake the form works; but is not honored for donor/traders in phase 1–creators only.