Become a Creator/Project Owner

Note: we are in ‘stage one’ of our launch plan, which means that creators are ‘invite only.’ To request consideration to be a stage one project or be put on the waiting list for stage two, click here.

Who can become a creator/project owner on Taproots?

The creativity of the human race is unbounded, so Taproots does not try to imagine all the different ways that people might want to make use of the Taproots fund-raising model.  Artists, authors, software designers, influencers, small businesses, big corporations, inventors, etc, may want to use this platform, but others might gravitate towards it too.

We do not want to preclude anyone, but what we do want to do is make sure that the people and organizations making use of our platform are real, have a real project, and intend to make a good faith effort to follow through on commitments made to donors.

We reserve the right to reject any project for any reason without explanation; naturally, any payment received before services have been rendered will be refunded.

Donors understand that they are making a donation; if they get something out of it, that is bonus.   However, one of the core purposes of the Taproots platform is the facilitation of those ‘bonuses.’  To that end, Taproots requires that project owners be vetted. This protection for donors is one of the advantages of the Taproots platform.

After Taproots has moved beyond ‘invite only’ for creators, this page will be updated with details on how to be listed on this platform.

Available Plans:

This information will be made available once we are out of our first phase of our launch plan. Plans will cost at least $50 and go up from there, depending on the services and features that creators wish to purchase.