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OJ WOLFSMASHER DOT COM is many things: A website (https://ojwolfsmasher.com); a collection of fine social media accounts (As of this writing – Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, X (ugh), and Instagram, with more to come!); a collective of one human and several different and constantly evolving AI tools, most of which he runs on his own computer in his own living space.

Here at OJ WOLFSMASHER DOT COM we want to help the world see how silly everything has gotten. We do this by FAKE CLICKBAIT with FAKE INFORMATION and FAKE FACTS about FAKE PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS. It’s probably better for everyone if I don’t explain any further. It’s one of those things where, you either understand what we’re doing (which is great!) or you don’t (which is funny!).

We need the help of you, the great person who understands and appreciates fine quality satire and absurd humor, to get this website going. That’s where Taproots comes in. With your purchase of one (or several!) seeds, you can help fund the launch and maintenance of this absurd web project, and ensure that I can continue to improve both the quality of the website and the quality of my social media posts.

I plan on issuing more seeds after these are purchased (on a monthly basis, if enough interest).
If you get tired of my shenanigans, or something I do offends you in some intractable way, you can always sell the seeds on the seed market! (I don’t understand, either – I am assured that this is how it works though)

Benefits to Seed Owners:

We here at OJ WOLFSMASHER DOT COM are still wrapping our collective head around benefits we want to offer those Great and Smart seed-holders out there. So, this list is subject to change. Your seed purchase is, first a foremost, you saying you appreciate what we do here, and you want to see it continue.

  • At least one seed – Access to whatever the Taproots version of a “feed” would be. This would have early/ad-free access to video nonsense we post on Youtube shorts/TikTok/whatever other sites we can find out there. Also, status updates from me, your old pal, OJ Wolfsmasher – that you can actually COMMENT ON!
  • Twelve seeds – That would be the equivalent of one seed a month for an entire year! Wow! We don’t know what we could do to repay you for that. How about your name being added to a cool tribute page on ojwolfsmasher.com? Would that do it? That’s all we got right now, sorry. But thanks!
  • One Hundred seeds – Um, is everything ok? That’s a lot of seeds to be holding! Our plan right now would be a short AI-composed poem in your honor, read by a janky Text-To-Speech voice on a subject of your choice. That seems doable, and also not worth it for you at all. But maybe? Anyway, like we said, you’re buying these to support the site, and you have our undying love and appreciation, as well as probably a ticket to heaven (the one with dogs).