The Concussion Buster!

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Customers will be able to print and apply their own designs!

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The Concussion Buster has a Durometer rating of 30 (A Pencil Eraser).

The customer will be able to design their own Concussion Buster. We will sell them in multiple colors and designs. An example would be the shape of a star, circle or square in multiple choice of colors. They will be interchangeable in color, but not design. ( A variety pack may be an option )

These are not currently being marketed by any of the big companies like Cooper or Bauer. I do see some plain unattractive home made Busters that players are using.  My custom designs bring a one of a kind bling to this product.

Safety protection equipment is a huge growing market and this is an area not being exploited by the large companies. We will be the first to market. This has the potential to grow rapidly.

This is not just for Hockey helmets. The Buster will appeal to the youth population because of there designs and play options, but it will be the parents that will gladly buy these safety devices!


Benefits to Seed Owners

This truly is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something big. The cost of production should be quite low and the profit margin should be substantial. Seed owners will be allowed to provide input on the ultimate choice of logos. We will provide a home made Prototype samples of the Concussion Buster to any seed buyer that purchases three seeds or more.

LOL -Always selling- A seed buyer would be receiving a great x-mas gift for a loved one!



Product Samples

Product Samples




Possible Logos: