World War 2 Scale Miniatures by Alex S Goulart

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a penny to scale

Hello, I’m Alex, a passionate builder of super detailed scale miniatures, mainly focusing on military or items of historical significance, I’m founding this project to help set myself up to make an impact and add a little funding to my passion.

the aftermath of the fire

Two years ago I lost what amounted to my life’s work and acquisitions in a house fire. This includes most of the models I had previously made.

As I am disabled I am now on a fixed income and after bills, which we all know never stop, and constantly trying to improve life for myself and children, I’m left with nearly nothing every month.

My goal here is to rebuild my set of supplies, tools and of course the kits themselves.

one of my best builds

I offer reasonable, affordable commission work as well, considering the amount of hours it takes to complete a project with what some would say, is a dying skill.

As at this time, I have little to offer, I can offer the highest contribution a built kit of their choice, professionally made by me, ( anywhere between a 100$ and 500$ value depending on the kit or build you choose).


The best I have to offer is a custom build. Besides acquiring the kits, there is a lot of time that goes in to putting in all the detail work for building a model. For that reason, it is unfortunately necessary to limit the ‘perks’ to the higher donors. That said, one of the whole points of this platform is that it allows donors to hold on to ‘seeds’ forever (unless they sell them) so if I can think of other ways to say thanks, I will. So thanks for donating in any amount and maybe some day I can make it worth your while once I’m back on my feet.

  • 30 seeds – a $100 custom build (examples: XYZ)
  • 50 seeds – a $200 custom build (examples: XYZ)
  • 75 seeds – a $300 custom build (examples: XYZ)
  • 100 seeds – a $400 custom build (examples: XYZ)
  • 125 seeds – a $500 custom build (examples: XYZ)

a gun mount